The Still Life, 2001, Mixed media, Installation detail Holland South Africa Line
Winter Project
Fighting Fans, 2001, electric fans, found objects
Kickboard 1- Tennis, 1997, mixed media 36 X 28 X 6cm
Kickboards, 1997, installation in pool


      "The Official BB Project explores the nature of the art-making process as inclusive / exclusive: randomness, taking chances, voting, playing the lotto, applications to art schools, change, success and failure."

      Bridget Baker, 2001

    Having just spent six months in Germany and Holland, Baker said she had missed the chaos which is an intrinsic part of life in South Africa. Her art processes are a stimulating expression of this chaos. On one hand, there is an attempt to impose a kind of wacky order through a strict set of rules, and on the other to induce a large number of people to play along. In this way, Baker introduces her audience to the idea of art as an enjoyable, if unforeseeable, part of everyday life, None of this would work as well and as satisfactorily as it does if Baker did not pay the closest attention to every detail of her project, from the specially designed BB logo to all the other numbering and stamping processes which replicate the most annoying side of being a good citizen and doing what one has to do to achieve what one wishes.

    Sue Williamson [commentary on Official BB Project], ArtThrob, September 2001