Joao Ferreira Fine Art was established in 1989. Since then, it has acquired a reputation as one of South Africa's leading contemporary galleries and fine art dealerships. We aim to cultivate critical appreciation and stimulating discussion around visual art by regularly hosting new shows of work by contemporary artists.
Our shows display a diversity of mediums and techniques: from painting, photography and printmaking to installation, performance and sculpture... from drawing to video. The common thread is exceptional quality.

With expertise in all areas, Joao Ferreira Gallery can help you enjoy your collection to the full, by providing a full range of specialist services including:

  • Discreet private placements
  • Acquisitions and disposal of works of art
  • Advice, valuations and insurance
  • Installation, framing and hanging
  • Shipping, transportation and storage
  • Cataloguing and documenting portfolios
  • Conservation and restoration
  • Advice on tax implications

"To collect art is more than an artwork on the wall or the expectation of its monetary appreciation.

Paintings and artworks concern cultural enrichment and human achievement. They are instrumental to a deeper more meaningful life. To collect art has to do with availability and opportunity, awareness and passion."