Talking in my tongue

    Claudia Shneider
    9 - 26 November 2020

    My work investigates both the space and the moment where nothing is sure, where nothing is clear. The moment that hovers before the drop, noise, or point of understanding, before the connection is grasped and comprehension is made possible. In this moment there's a gap, a void, an air-bubble where things are still open. Nothing is fixed. Nothing is certain, secure, sure, or irreversible. In this "open spaasie" I want to hold the listener/viewer's ear open and keep the imagination open and alert. I want to stretch out the moment of expectation and uncertainty and keep her/him guessing at where it will go.

    I have a lot of fun with my work as I am often taken by surprise by what I paint and its origins. I know that nothing is coincidental - everything is absorbed. I think that what makes us unique is the way we sort our information. In my case words and phrases are the result of this synthesis: they span a lifetime and emerge as my titles. Sometimes these titles evade me and are nowhere to be found. Then I bump into a whole lot of them around the next corner, hanging about as if they were waiting for me. Next is a quick greeting of recognition and then the business of getting down to where I left off: my title and I, rearing to go.

    Claudia Shneider, 2005

    Opening reception: Wednesday 9 November, 6pm


    Serious Supper, 2003. Munich (Kap), Gouache on canvas, 120 x 180cm
    Gold Loaf, 2004. Munich (Kap), Gouache on canvas. 105,5 x 125cm

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