Egon Tania
    4 - 28 May 2020

    All aspects of this exhibition are part of a single work and the sculptures have been configured as such.

    Small figures used for model train sets and architectural models often show imperfections in casting and paintwork resembling slow-shutter photographs of movement. The artist saw fit to carve these sculptures with this in mind, to represent his fleeting observations of people particular to the street route connecting Woodstock and Observatory, over Salt River Circle.

    This route travelled most frequently by the artist over the past three years presented him with often ironical human dynamics which arise from this multi-cultural and economically varied area. These observations of the people and the way that they are sculpted, relating to fleeting movement, supplied the means to the artist's primary intention. This is to allow the observer, by being subjective or objective, to manipulate the notions of time and space.

    The scale of the sculptures and the interaction of the various characters become the indicators of a multi-directional, non-linear narrative, the sequence of which is left to the viewer's discretion. The viewer enters a pre-configured arrangement and is offered a multiplicity of potential perspectives.

    Egon Tania, 2005

    Opening reception: Wednesday 4 May, 6pm


    Untitled, 2005. Jacaranda wood and enamel, approx 47cm high

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