Vertigo I(detail), 2008,
Oil on canvas
108.5 x 84 cm.

    From Here to Eternity

    Louise Linder

    30 April - 31 May 2008

    Louise Linder’s new series of oil paintings, entitled From Here to Eternity, continues her interest in recovered anonymous family photographic archives.

    One of these sources is an album which chronicles events in the life of ‘Iris’ from childhood, through her frolics with girlfriends in her teenage years, to large formal wedding photographs: snapshots of personal histories seemingly unconnected to the larger picture of History. The small-scale figures, primarily women and children, float in a temporal space. The disquietude stems from the tension between an intense transient present, and the remembrance of things past adumbrating an uncertain world-to-be.

    Although Louise Linder's work features in prestigious collections such as; South African National Gallery, MTN Art Institute, University of Cape Town & University of Witwatersrand she does not exhibit often, João Ferreira Gallery is thus excited and proud to present Louise Linder's first solo exhibition with this gallery.

    Opening reception: Wednesday 9 July at 6pm

    To view work on exhibition, please click here