Fed Up,2006,
Digital inkjet print on foam
120 x 120cm.

    Pamela Stretton

    2 - 26 April 2008

    My artwork deals predominantly with the female body, focusing on issues such as beauty ideals and the body’s relationship with popular culture, fashion, health and food. Inspired by print, most of my work takes the form of digital inkjet prints, usually combining photographic images and text.

    The methods used to create the finished work involve re-working the print, in order to produce a visually appealing surface texture. These methods are often rather painstaking, commenting on the obsessive control exerted on the female body in terms of eating disorders. The use of square formats, grids and pixels are used to highlight the notion of conformity, aided by the tight cropping of close up images of the body (an essentially rounded form).

    Soft padding is used in much of my work to comment subtly on the notion of womanly curves, as well as to give organic dimension to what would otherwise be flat prints. Other notions pertinent to my theme involve scale, scrutiny and fragmentation.

    Opening reception: Wednesday 2 April at 6pm

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