Abrie Fourie
Abrie Fourie

Abrie FourieAbrie Fourie


Solitary Confinement, 2003, lamda print on aluminium, 95 X 125cm
Wanton, 1999, translucent cibachrome lightbox, 124 X 147cm
Cloud -01, 1998-2001, translucent cibachrome lightbox, 65x95cm
Scaffold, 2001, translucent cibachrome lightbox, 64 X 94cm

    BRIE FOURIE is an internationally established artist working in the medium of still andmoving photography, as well as artists' publications in print and on CD-ROM. Based in Pretoria, Fourie has exhibited both locally and internationally, most recently with a solo exhibition titled Whatever Whenever at João Ferreira Gallery, Cape Town. His work is characterized by capturing moments that shift the status of ordinary objects or occurrences and moves them into the realm of the extraordinary or even spiritual. In 2003, his work has been featured on exhibitions in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Belgium, Colombia, and Berlin. He was nominated for the prestigious FNB Vita Art Award in 2002 and teaches Printed Image, Photography and Curatorial Studies at Technikon Pretoria.

    I find the mundane extremely interesting and I think if it wasn't for the mundane life would be very boring. In my own work I am very attracted to the mundane and overlooked things. There's a story in everything.

    Sometimes when I think about duality, I'm not sure if it's a word I can actually use. Duality refers to two different ways of looking at things. Two different interpretations, but I think there are far more than just two interpretationsâ

    The way we see things. The glasses that you wear and the kinds of eyes you look at the world through. It's the relationship between things in a physical space. How we draw from others, how others draw from us.

    Beauty & Banality
    It's again linked to the duality of things. What's banal to me might not be banal to you. Normally it may seem that banal things are uninteresting, so it takes us back to perspectives, it's in the way we perceive the banal. The way we see ourselves. What I like about mundane and banal is that it is normally left behind by actions and activities that were relevant to us.

    Contemporary Photography
    I'm having a problem with the digital medium. I can go out and shoot between a hundred and five hundred shots in an hour and that brings me back to the editing process. Why would I want to share any of these pictures? I'm interested in that idea. Photography allows that immediacy about the reality we are in.