Clouds, 2004, Marble and Wood, 6m x 2.5m x 1.2 high, (each cloud 20 X 50 X 75cm)
Clouds (detail), 2004, Marble and Wood, 6m x 2.5m x 1.2 high, (each cloud 20 X 50 X 75cm)
Decoblaster, 2002, Granite, 180 X 75 X 60cm
Airport 1, 2005, Photograph, 42 X 58cm
Cloud 1, 2005, Photograph, 1/6, 42 X 58cm


      "think a lot, then stop thinking"

    Jonathan Garnham is a sculptor, curator and teacher. His work ranges from large- scale stone sculptures, to site-specific installations, drawings and photography. He studied in Germany under the Japanese stone sculptors, Professor Makoto Fujiwara and Yoshimi Hashimoto. Influenced by Fujiwara, Garnham developed his attitude of working with the public space and steering away from conventional exhibiting spaces.

    Based in Berlin for ten years, he was involved in various creative initiatives and was a founding member of the artists and architects group, . As a part of the east- Berlin post- wall subculture, they had a significant cultural impact through initiating public interventions and creating a platform for various projects and exhibitions through their legendary bar and project space in Berlin mitte.

    Since relocating to Cape Town, Jonathan Garnham is focusing on his own work, which is becoming more representational - based on the theme of clouds, passenger aircraft and angels, all things from "above" - while still carrying out commissions in stone that respond to the architectural space around them.

    He has recently co-opened a small project space, "blank projects", a platform for artists to present their work.