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Exchange, 2005, Interactive piece with a pool table, black and white ball, cue sticks, 10 000 Zimbabean 20c coins (approx value = R2 in 2005) which work in the R2 coin slot
Study with Colour (Dulux Range), 2005, Dulux paint sample cards pasted onto an old blackboard, cold glue, 88.5 X 118.5 cm.


      "I think art does create a consciousness that can cause social/political change. I think art should attack the status quo in as many different ways as possible. I think it should manifest itself wherever possible, on the streets and in buildings."

      Dan Halter, September 2006

    His works are deeply labour intensive yet not usually overly-laborious. They do not dwell on their hand-crafted nature and even, as in the case of Zhingzhong Mother and Child, hide such information. In this we see the hand of the artist as the reverse of that of the stone-thrower. That last-mentioned hand is the one that in a casual, thoughtless act puts out an eye, takes down a child. The artist takes days amd hours and weeks to express a gesture that passes us by; gives a fleeting smile and allows us to file our of the gallery to our next appointment. It is a gesture that allows us to be free to be free.

    Excerpt from Woven Into The Stuff of Life by Andrew Lamprecht, 2006. Text accompanying exhibition.