Mark Hipper is a painter based in Grahamstown. Interested in psychoanalytic theory, he has always been fascinated with mortality, masks, impermanence and 'things out of place'. A recent exhibition included images of gymnasts and contortionists. His portraits of children have been described in the following way: Their eyes see, but do not connect. These are eyes not of carefree childhood but trauma - resembling the unfocused gaze of an autistic child immersed in an inner world to which there is no access.


1998. Lecturer in Painting, Rhodes University, Grahamstown
1996. Lecturer in Painting, Michaelis School of Fine Art, UCT
1993-96. Co-curator of the Project Gallery SOMA, Berlin
1985-91. Meisterschuler of the Hdk Hochschule der Kunste
1980-84. BA Fine Art, University of the Witwatersrand
1979. Matriculation Certificate, Deutsche Schule, Johannesburg


1996. Stipend for Artist Residency, Panorama Museum, Bad Frankenhausen
1992-93. Stipendum Bursary, Senat for Science, Research and Culture; Berlin
1984. Montagu White Bursary
1983. Martiensen Prize for Painting and Drawing, University of the Witwatersrand
1983. Certificate of Merit for Art Criticism, University of the Witwatersrand
1982. Certificate of Merit for German Studies, German Embassy
1982. Henry Lidchi Prize for Drawing, University of the Witwatersrand
1981. Certificate of Merit for German Studies, Austrian Embassy


2007. after-images after-images, João Ferreira Gallery, Cape Town
2005. CAST OFFS, João Ferreira Gallery, Cape Town
2004. The Inquisitors, Asperger Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2003. Exitus, João Ferreira Fine Art, Cape Town
2003. The Inquisitors, João Ferreira Fine Art, Cape Town
2002. Interim, João Ferreira Fine Art, Cape Town
1999. BAD, Joao Ferreira Fine Art, Cape Town
1998. Viscera, School of Fine Art Gallery, Rhodes University
1997. Association for Visual Arts, Cape Town
1997. Some Bodies, NSA Gallery, Cape Town
1996. Labia Gallery, Cape Town
1996. Galerie Mönch, Berlin
1995. Zeichnungen, Galerie Mûnch, Berlin
1995. Ausstellung im Glasgang, Akademie der Kunste, Berlin
1994. Membran Körper, Gallery Asperger Sarl, Strassbourg (catalogue)
1993. take away, Projektgalerie SOMA, Berlin (with J. Grindl)
1992. eine Bildergeschichte, Kunsthalle Moabit, Berlin
1990. Kinder, Reime, Fittiche, Gallery Louolou Lasard, Berlin
1989. Gelb, Grau, Glieder, Gallery Bichette, Berlin
1984. Market Gallery (with L. Hojem), Market Theatre and Galleries, Johannesburg


2004. SUDDEN DEATH, Westwendischer Kunstverein e.V., Gartow, Germany
2004. The Art of Drawing, Rust en Vrede, Belville
2003. Brett Kebble Art Award Exhibition, Cape Town
2003. Console, National Art Festival, Grahamstown
2001. AChange no sorry@, Joao Ferreira Fine Art
2001. Works on Paper, Joao Ferreira Fine Art
2000. Body masks, Joao Ferreira Fine Art, Cape Town
1998. Galerie Moench, Berlin
1998. Harris Fine Art, Cape Town
1997. Strasbourg Art Fair
1996. Staff Exhibition, Michaelis School of Fine Art, UCT
1995. Standpunkte, Rafael Vostell Fine Art, Berlin
1995. CLOSE UP, Städtische Galerie, Bremen SOMA in Bethanien, Kunstant Kreuxberg, Berlin
1994. XXX, Eplicit Images, Berlin Museum für Anguwandte Kunst, Gera
1994. Sell-out, Project Gallery SOMA, Berlin
1994. Displacements, South African Works on Paper, Mary and Leigh Block Gallery, Chicago
1993. Sex und Kunst, Video for National Television Windowshopping, Berlin
1993. Newtown Galleries, Johannesburg
1992. Umbau, Friedrichstrasse, Berlin
1991. Schlaraffenland, Akademie der Künste zu Berlin
1991. Accrochage, Gallery W. Asperger
1990. Four Artists from Berlin, Cultural Institute, Krakow, Poland
1990. Grenzsituationen - Gewalt, Gesellschaft fÄr Strahlen und Umweltforschung, Munich
1988. Der Fleischberg, Gallery Bichette, Berlin
1987. Stammbaum, Katakomben Kreuzberg, Berlin
1983. Martiensen Prize Exhibition (First Prize) University of Witwatersrand

Collections Mary and Leigh Block Gallery, Northwestern University, Chicago Johannesburg Art Gallery Sanlam Gertrude Posel Gallery, University of the Witwatersrand Mary Slack, Louis Schachat, Johan Porer, Jane Taylor and Trent Read